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How Packaging is Important in E-Commerce Marketing?

In the e-commerce business, the end product that you send to the customer has the most value. If the product received by the customer gets damaged in the process of shipping or delivery it does immense harm to the business and brand reputation. Hence, in the e-commerce business, the importance of packaging is manifold. 

The main aim of improved packaging and labeling is to ensure the safe delivery of the product and effective promotion of the brand. Investing in packaging supplies provides an immense boost to the goodwill of the business. Therefore, you should give topmost priority to the packaging. Let’s first understand why it is important to invest in packaging.

Why Investing in Packaging is Important in E-Commerce

Most of the e-commerce businesses are taking great interest in the latest packaging technology and investing a lot of funds to improve the packaging and labeling of their products. The main objective is to provide the best service to the customers by delivering the products in the best condition. If customers are satisfied, they will become loyal to your website and become regular customers, indirectly increasing your business.

Reduces Company Costs

Many businesses tend to overlook the importance of packaging as they fail to understand that in e-commerce, the packaging is very important and helps in reducing the overall company’s costing. For instance, if the customer receives the product in the right condition, there are minimal chances of returns, because when a customer chooses to return your product, you have to incur additional costs to reship the returned product. In the case of a refund, you have to reimburse the cost of the product, which would again cut into the company’s profits. Hence, the packaging ensures that the product is delivered in good condition, thereby avoiding the extra costs. 

Builds Relationship with the Customers

The packaging is a core aspect of building a relationship between a brand and the customer. If the product is well-packaged, it gives a lasting impression on the customer. The customer experience is what makes or breaks the brand reputation. Good customer experience helps in earning customer’s loyalty. 

Creates Good Impression and Brand Identity

Good and proper packaging helps in creating a good impression of the product on the customers. Proper packaging also helps in creating a strong brand identity. You can add a label with the brand logo, brand name, etc. to stand out from your competitors and create a distinct value of your brand.

Promotes Brand Value

The packaging is just not a simple container that holds the product but is designed to ensure that the product is safe from any damage during the transit. The packaging should not be too complex or too sophisticated, but it should fulfill the objective. All it helps in promoting and enhancing the brand value. 

Some General E-Commerce Packaging Tips

Use Appropriate Boxes for Shipment

Make sure that the box that you are choosing is in good condition and the right size.

Use Bubble Wrap or Other Packaging Material

If you want the products to reach the customer in good condition and do not break or damage, never pack them directly in the box and send for shipment. You should always use bubble wrap, foam, raffia on the box, etc to ensure safe shipping of the products. For better safety, you can also wrap items individually with bubble wrap. Make sure that the product kept in the box does not move around or else add more packaging material. 

Close the Box Securely with Strong Tape

Another reason for damaged products getting delivered is the use of low-quality tape that gets open during the transit. Always use strong brown packing tape or reinforced packing tape which is wide enough. Make sure that you close every loophole on the top, bottom, and corners. 

Always Recheck the Shipping Information

Apart from damaged products, delayed shipping also hampers your brand image. To make sure that this does not happen with your business, always use the complete and correct name and address so that the product gets delivered on time. 

In the end, you need to understand the importance of good and proper packaging. Following and incorporating these simple tips while the packaging of any product can offer you great benefits. If you follow the above-mentioned tips and consider the importance of proper packaging your e-commerce will grow and the brand value of the organization will also be increased.